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ISAP is a non profit organization which promotes psychoanalysis and psychotherapy worldwide. It offers training, seminars and other events allowing a growing network of professionals to gather and learn from each other's experiences.

About us

This program offers a unique opportunity to unlock the secrets of the mind and improve your life through its comprehensive training program. The first year, consisting of 19 engaging audio lectures, is designed to provide a solid foundation in the fundamental concepts of psychoanalysis and is open to anyone looking to gain a deeper understanding of themselves and others, communicate more effectively, and make positive changes in their life.  

ISAP now offers the full training ONLINE! it's available to anyone without any specific prerequisites and allows you to get started on the path that will lead you to freedom from unconscious enslaving behaviour. This training programme is more than just acquiring theory, it's a complete personal development process which is why it includes personal feedback and communication with the professor. ​

The following years of training are intensively turned towards psychoanalytical practice and allow the graduates to practice as psychoanalysts (depending on each country's regulations).

The schools also offer training in Ericksonian hypnosis and M.O.T which is eye movement therapy such as EMDR. ​

Once you have validated the first year training, you can continue onto the following training levels and become a therapist! There is personal work to be done and some reading but upon successful completion, you will receive your Diploma as a Therapist and / or Psychoanalyst

Listen to a sample of the 1st lecture on the structure of the psyche here: Sample Lecture 1
Watch an explanatory video here Interview of D. Treville
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